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Freedom day

Today the Netherlands is celebrating liberation day. Originally a day to celebrate the liberation from the German occupation at the end of World War II this day is now a day to celebrate freedom - Freedom day!

A day to remember that freedom is not given. What a great day to have - a day to celebrate freedom and to realise that is important to protect it and to fight for it.


A lot of Westeners don't know anymore what it means to be not free. And don't realise that freedom means more than not being occupied. Freedom is about being able to live your own life and being yourself - deciding yourself what to do with your life.

And threats to freedom can arise from various and surprising sources. It can be your government abusing its powers - or even your family when not accepting you as you are.


Be careful before you give up freedom. Always judge yourself, don't let others judge for you. Be trusting - but also be critical. And be wary when big words as honour, tradition and safety are used to restrict freedom.


Today let's celebrate our freedom. Be yourself - be free!

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