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I'm running Boston - and you can help!

Running is great – and with a little help from you it can do good for others too! 😊


It’s 8 days till I’ll lace up my running shoes for the next big race. Marathon number 6 is on the menu. Who would have thought so a few years ago. Only in 2010 I started running seriously and doing races – starting with distances up to a half marathon. It turned out that I’m rather quick for an amateur and that I liked the challenges training for racing on your max brings. The logic consequence was the first marathon – in my former home area, Berlin, in 2013. And right away in a time below 3h.


If you are a runner you know that this a magical barrier for an amateur. And it also means a guaranteed qualification for the oldest yearly marathon – and the only marathon that only accepts qualifiers (plus a few charities): the famous race from Hopkinton to Boston. Berlin 2013 was the qualification for Boston 2015 but at the end I could not start due to an injury. Last year I finally did run – and it was a great experience. Boston is a special race – and it has an amazing crowd along the road, cheering you all up heart-break hill and to the finish.


Last year was not only the first time for me to actually run the iconic Boston marathon. It was also the first time that I went out to raise money for a race. While preparing for Boston 2016 I came in touch with a local charity – helping the LGBT youth in the Boston suburbs. It’s the oldest running charity of its kind in the US and I got to know the founder and creative director, Abe, and the managing director, Adrian. Their enthusiasm and spirit infected me – and made me to leave my comfort zone. They had decided to run the Boston marathon and to use it to raise funds for their charity work β€“ despite that Abe never was a runner (and despite being already 55).

Asking for money is something I never did and that I find difficult – but nevertheless I did so last year, inspired by those two. It turned out to be more successful than I had expected – and brought as well a lot of positive reactions. It was meant to be a one-time thing…


Well – here I am, running Boston again and raising money again. With the current political changes in the US the work of Abe and the rest of the gang is more needed than ever – and so are funds as government pulls back even more. Fundraising still does feel awkward – but the experience last year makes it easier at least. As last time, I first made sure that I am well prepared. And with 8 days to go I really can say that I am ready for it. After having done already 92 training runs (not counting the supporting strength training), totalling to 1,287 km within 102:21 hours and including 4,485 m in elevation gain my body is well prepared. The goal is to stay below 3:10 – how much will depend on the circumstances on the day itself. It won’t be a new PR (that would mean staying below 2:58) – but with good condition it should get closer to the 3h mark.


And I do have a small favour to ask: would you consider supporting True Colors?


On one hand, your gift will help to continue The Theater Offensive's great work and their True Colors youth program. This program focuses on one of the most vulnerable groups: the LGBTQ youth in Boston’s neighbourhood. This great program does change lives and helps those young people to develop and to be themselves. Last year they even got national recognition for their work: the highest honour in the US for youth development, the National Arts & Humanities Youth Programs Award – handed out by the First Lady, Michelle Obama! And this was the first time this award went to an LGBTQ youth program – how cool can it be! If you want to know more about their great work – please have a look at their website.


On the other hand your support will help me inching closer to the 3h mark. Your willingness to support TTO and team Out Run Boston 2017 will give me extra motivation to go even harder.


I would be very grateful if you see a chance to spare a bit. Any cent counts, no amount is too small! You can donate easily here. If you don’t want to use your credit card let me know β€“ you can also transfer money to me and I will donate using my card.


Many, many thanks for considering to help out! Your gift will help TTO and True Colors to continue their great work and will be very appreciated!


Help me to Out Run Boston!